Strict regulations apply to the disposal of used oil. We work in compliance with all environmental regulations and combine ecology with economical disposal strategies.

Waste Management and Waste Oil Collection

We handle used oil, fuels, emulsions, solvents, coolants, pasty waste, antifreeze and brake fluids. And solid waste such as oil cans, oily canisters and oil filters. But also car batteries and much more. We recycle the waste and don't send it to landfills or incinerators.
Disposal of used an waste oil
Waste Oil Collection and Recycling
Our company specializes in the collection and disposal of waste oil and various oil-contaminated wastes.
We collect a single barrel or 200 tons at a time. We can reach you quickly throughout Germany, the Czech Republic and Luxembourg with one of our 100 vehicles.
We take care of the paperwork and regulatory aspects for you with an electronic waste management system which connects to the mandatory eANV system.
We analyze and monitor.
In our modern laboratory, we test waste oils and liquid non-oil wastes for harmful substances, recyclability, and economic value.
This ensures that the materials can remain in the recycling loop.
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Certificates for disposal of used oil and waste
Certified collection and recycling of used oil and oily wastes
In addition to complying with legal requirements, we are a certified waste management company (Efb Entsorgungsfachbetrieb).
We are certified by DIN ISO 9001 Quality Management System for the collection of waste oils.
Our Environmental Management System is certified according to DIN ISO 14001.
CO2 accounting to international standards helps our customers meet their targets.
Enter the german market
Want to enter the German or Czech market?
You are about to launch or are already launching a product in these markets. And you need help complying with the many regulations?
We can help you with packaging regulations, take-back requirements, and more.
Many webshop and brick-and-mort retailers trust us.
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